On Apr 18, 2017

Oregon’s Most Admired Companies Use Atlassian

On Apr 18, 2017

Have you heard of “Atlassian”? I’ve met many folks working and doing business in Oregon who are unfamiliar with the name. That said, you’ve likely heard about (or used) one or more of Atlassian’s software products – which include JIRA, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, HipChat, and more.

What’s amazing to me is just how many Oregon-based businesses are leveraging the Atlassian tools for teamwork and growth – chances are you know a few of them!


Oregon businesses use Atlassian

As the only Portland-based Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Equip has worked with more than 18 Atlassian customer organizations from around the state of Oregon. These businesses span all sectors and industries, including (but not limited to) not-for-profit and social services, health care and insurance services, retail and apparel, software and SaaS providers, creative and digital services, mortgage and financing providers, and academic institutions.

When the Portland Business Journal recognized the most admired companies in the state, Equip was thrilled to see some familiar names from those companies recognized and admired, many of whom are customers of Atlassian and clients of Equip! They include:

  • Intel: No. 4 across all industries, No. 1 in technology & technology manufacturing
  • Nike: No. 1 across all industries, No. 2 in product makers and designers category
  • OHSU: No. 3 across all industries, No. 1 in healthcare category
  • Elemental Technologies: No. 9 across all industries, No. 4 in technology & technology manufacturing
  • Urban Airship: No. 6 in technology & technology manufacturing
  • Central City Concern: No. 2 in nonprofit category
  • Connective DX: No. 10 in technology & technology manufacturing

The business case for Atlassian

The above list captures just a few of the organizations in Oregon utilizing the Atlassian tools across business functions. But what makes these tools so popular? The answer is simple: Atlassian software is engineered to help businesses redefine processes, create efficiencies, optimize performance, and encourage smarter teamwork. Some of the key traits of the Atlassian tools that attract business customers include:

  • A “collaboration-first” architecture. Every tool in the Atlassian stack is designed with teamwork in mind. From the collaboratively edited wiki, Confluence, to multi-user ticket management in JIRA, Atlassian’s number one goal is to unleash the power in every team. And that means finding ways for your people to work better, together.
  • Visibility. Atlassian understands that progress requires measurement, and measurement requires reporting. Whether you’re tracking a project across time, a specific investment of time, individual or team capacity – Atlassian delivers the visibility you need to be successful.
  • Versatility. While the Atlassian tools were initially designed with software developers in mind, customers have found exceptional value in integrating the use of Atlassian across teams and business functions. Today, Atlassian products are designed to meet the needs of every team – including development, IT, marketing, finance, and HR. Whether you’re a start-up or Enterprise organization, the Atlassian suite of tools has the flexibility to meet all of your core needs.
  • Seamless integration. The Atlassian products are designed to work together, which means your team can enhance the utility of each tool by weaving them together, creating a system to support each aspect of your work (rather than trying to cram all functionalities into a limited – likely flawed – design).
  • Customization and extensibility. Be it dashboards, workflows, custom fields, or general aesthetic, the Atlassian tools provide every opportunity to configure and customize the applications to meet your organization’s specific requirements. And that’s just out of the box. When you take into account the thousands of partner add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace, you can start to see just how many opportunities there are to optimize the tools for your unique situation.

Are you an Oregon company interested in working with the Atlassian tools?

Give us a call! Equip is the only Atlassian Solution Partner headquartered in Oregon, and the only Platinum-certified Solution Partner in the Pacific Northwest. We’d love to chat about your needs, goals, and concerns, and help you decide if the Atlassian tools are right for you. Call 1.800.501.3071 or fill out our contact form today.

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